Visual & Performing Arts

An opportunity for artists to share their art throughout the region and beyond

The programme aims to promote interactions between different cultures and to enable artists to share their talent with a wider audience.

This approach falls within a regional project for cultural cooperation that aims to give more visibility to Caribbean artists and promote the professionalization of the cultural and creative sector.

To that end, we propose to promote:

  • Strategic and technical support for pre-selected artists;
  • The development of regional structuring projects in connection with the cultural and creative industry.

Artists selected to join the IFLE project will be invited to partake in a linguistic and technical support program, from January to February 2020. This program will include French lessons specifically geared towards the creative and cultural sector and workshops allowing artists to share their experiences, network and exchange on good practices.

Between March and May 2020, selected artists will receive financial and technical support
from the IFLE project to tour festivals in and outside the Caribbean, giving them the
opportunity to further their networking efforts and showcase their talent beyond their local
cultural scene.