IFLE Entrepreneurship – More street mics and specialists’ interviews to watch!

For our third street mic, the IFLE team headed to Gros Islet (St Lucia), where they met with RJ, a member of the community, who firmly believes that the only way to improve the availability of healthy food and promote healthy eating is to put the emphasis on local farming.

On to our fourth street mic!
Lisa, who grows some of her own vegetables, thinks that educating young people on farming is key in promoting self-sufficiency.

For our second specialist’s interview, we benefitted from the expertise of Mr. Quint Odlum, Technical Engineer from Saint Lucia’s Agricultural Engineering Department.
In this interview, he provides us with insights on aquaponics and highlights the two main advantages of this farming technique. Take a look!

To our surprise, the fifth’s respondent to our street mic said he is not concerned about the availability of healthy food for him and for future generations. Find out why in the video!

In our sixth street mic, Ms. Jeremie, who is a seller at a local market, explains that she always favors alkaline foods, both on her stand and in her own diet. What about you?

Our third specialist’s interview features Master Melvaughn Coutain, founder of the Olive Branch Project Inc., based out of Grenada. This project prompted the commissioning of an aquaponics system at the Woburn Methodist School (South Grenada) in 2017.

Since then, the initiative has not only provided affordable fresh fruits and vegetables for the school’s feeding program, but also sensitized students to sustainable farming.
Tour the facility with us!

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