IFLE Entrepreneurship – Launch of a series of street mics and specialists’ interviews to explore food security and sustainable farming in the Caribbean!

For our first street mic, we asked this respondent, LeShaun, whether he is concerned by food availability for him and future generations. Listen to what he had to say!

Our second street mic features Jacinta, vendor at the Castries market (St Lucia), who was asked to tell us what is the difference between processed and organic food. This is what she had to say!

In addition to reaching out to the general public through our street mic series, we have also sought the expertise of specialists from the vast field of sustainable development. A couple weeks ago, we met with Dr. Stephen King, Pathologist and Co-director of Rise St Lucia Inc., who shared his thoughts on nutrition, health, food security and sustainable agriculture. Watch an extract of his interview!

The full interview is available here.

Stay tuned for more street mics and specialists’ interview!!


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