IFLE launches a series of webinars to complement the online training of the DELF examiners in the English-speaking Caribbean!

The end of the IFLE Program is fast approaching and the DELF exam scheduled for December has become the top priority for the IFLE pedagogical team. After launching an online training program attended by 50 DELF examiners in July, the team has now started to host a series of webinars focusing on certain specific aspects of the grading process. 

The first one was held last Thursday and dealt with the correction of the listening and reading components of the exam. Ten examiners from four different countries were attendance and expressed how useful this meeting was for them. They were able to review what will be expected from them, get a few tips on how to prepare their students for the exam, and ask their questions to the facilitator, Ms Sabrina Lipoff, who is accredited by France Education International to certify DELF examiners.  

Two other webinars on the writing and speaking components of the exam will be scheduled in the following weeks. New content will also be added to the online training so that in December, the examiners will be more than ready to correct the DELF Exam, in accordance with the rules set by France Education International. 

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