The IFLE Program launches a new online training for DELF examiners

Organized by France Education International, the DELF exam certifies one’s level of French. The DELF B2 diploma is required to enter the French Universities which are much more affordable (and closer) than those in the US, Canada or the UK.        

In order to enable more students to further their studies abroad, the pedagogical team of the IFLE Program has already done a lot to promote the DELF exam in secondary schools by:

  • Creating a curriculum mapping for the 3rd and 5th form to help the teachers include the DELF exam
  • Certifying over 60 teachers to become DELF examiners in 5 countries since 2019
  • Sponsoring books for pilot schools in several countries to help prepare the students for the exam
  • And offering an online training in pedagogy to all French teachers to give them resources and help them improve their teaching skills.

The latest initiave is the launch of a new online training for DELF examiners. It was created by Ms Sabrina Lipoff, who has been accredited by France Education International since 2017 to train and certify DELF examiners.

The main goal of this training is to remind the participants of what they learned during their training to become DELF examiners and make sure they correct the exam in accordance with the rules and regulations prescribed by France Education International. This is crucial to guarantee the quality of the diploma.

Through her experience as a trainer, Ms Lipoff realized the need to keep the examiners to date « If the examiners don’t practice regularly, they are very likely to forget how to correct the exam properly, especially since it is very different from what they are doing at school. For most of them, the DELF exam in December will take place between several months and a couple of years after they were certified, which means it is absolutely crucial to remind them what is expected from them by France Education International ».  

In this training, they will rediscover the principles of the CEFRL and the specificities of the 6 levels of competency (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2). Then, they will focus on the A1 and A2 levels separately and how the DELF exam is related to the CEFRL, what is expected from the students, and how the examiners are supposed to grade the different tasks. They will also learn how to prepare their students for the exam, with resources they can use online or in their classrooms.

Since its launch last week, 40 examiners have already registered. The training will be available until December, when the DELF Exam will be held. Between September and December, online meetings will be added in order to focus on specific aspects of the grading process. This will enable the examiners to ask questions, interact and exchange teaching practices.

The upcoming Delf Exam in December will be a key moment for the IFLE Program, especially in this uncertain situation. Schools, parents and students are strongly encouraged to seize this huge opportunity offered by the program.

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