Three associations of French teachers from the Caribbean sponsored by the IFLE Project to join the International Federation of French Teachers!

Since its start in May 2019, the IFLE Program has supported the French teachers of the region in various ways, one of them being assisting in the creation and/or strengthening of the French teachers associations. 

They indeed play a critical role in promoting the French language and culture, creating a sense of community among the French teachers, and  motivating both teachers and students through activities and events, such as trips to francophone territories. 

Unfortunately, only a few of them are currently active in the Caribbean, namely in Trinidad & Tobago, Jamaica, Saint Lucia, Dominica, and Antigua & Barbuda, and until a week ago, only the JAFT (Jamaican Association of French Teachers) was part of theInternational Federation of French Teachers (IFFT). The associations of Saint Lucia, Dominica and Antigua & Barbuda have now joined too. 

This was made possible thanks to the IFLE team, who worked closely with both the associations and the IFFT. 

It all started last November, with the organization of the International Day of French Teachers in Trinidad, to which the IFLE project invited all the Presidents of associations, as well as teachers who might be able to create new ones in countries where there wasn’t any. 

A representative of the IFFT was also invited to give a presentation about its missions and the benefits of joining it, as well as answer all the questions the teachers may have. 

This event was very successful and it encouraged the associations to get stronger, attract new members and be more active. This led to them joining the IFFT for this upcoming academic year. The IFLE Program will be covering their annual contribution fees, adding financial support to the technical assistance that the team has been providing. 

This is a new step for these associations, which will hopefully inspire the French teachers of other countries in the region. 

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