16 teachers to enter university thanks to the IFLE project!

As a means to help Caribbean French teachers use the best teaching techniques with their students, the IFLE project is sponsoring 16 university scholarships in TFFL (teaching French as a Foreign Language)

13 teachers were selected among over 25 applicants, and will be offered the 2 years of a Master’s degree at the University of Antilles in Martinique. 3 others will do their 3rd year of Bachelor’s degree in the same field, but at the University of La Réunion.

All the courses are held a 100% online, which enables the participants to continue working in their respective schools and to put into practice what they learn during their training. 

Several of the candidates have also completed the online training offered by the IFLE Program between February and May of this year, which constituted an introduction to what they will learn this upcoming academic year. 

Through this unprecedented initiative, the IFLE Program reiterates its mission to support the French teachers of the English-speaking Caribbean, with the candidates coming from 9 different countries. 

We thank the teachers for their interest and dedication, and both Universities for making it possible. We also wish the candidates a successful training! 

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