New artist featured on Pyramide.Tv: Carter!

Meet Jamey Reso, aka Carter, top chart lo-fi indie composer and singer from Suriname.

Despite his upbringing, Jamey wasn’t very interested in music until his Uncle Maarten, inspired him to play. He never turned back.

Jamey’s father wasn’t around much, so Maarten became somewhat of a de facto father figure. He was the “shining star” of the family according to Jamey – a truly gifted guitarist. Jamey even got his stage name, Carter, from his uncle.

Watch an extract from “Paradise Is Cancelled” a song Carter recorded in 2018 for his EP “Strawberry Moon”.

Watch an extract of Carter’s interview and learn more about his background, inspirations and aspirations. He also shares with us a really important message: Always believe in yourself!

Learn more about the artist on Pyramide.Tv:


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