Launch of the IF Profs platform for the English-speaking Caribbean!

IF Profs is a professional network for people teaching French, or in French. Thousands of teachers, school directors, pedagogical coordinators, and even editors from all over the world can exchange via this platform and learn from one another. Members can indeed share pedagogical or methodological resources, as well as useful information and events.

A few months ago, the IFLE team started working with IF Profs to open a virtual space specifically dedicated to the English-speaking Caribbean. Five moderators from various countries of the region were trained during 5 weeks, and we were finally able to launch our space this week.

The team hosted a webinar attended by over 35 persons, presenting the platform and explaining how to use it. To celebrate this milestone, a contest open to all new members was launched, with several prizes to win.

This platform is an opportunity for all the French teachers in the region to connect, share their experiences and enhance their teaching practices. Seeing the enthusiasm received from the first members and those who attended the webinar, we are confident that this platform will soon be a success!

To watch the webinar:

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