Save the date – IFLE celebrates World Music Day 2020!

In celebration of la Fete de la Musique (World Music Day) 2020, the third edition of the IFLE Multi-Arts Live Series will put the spotlight on singer-songwriters and musicians!

The show will feature laureates from the IFLE Program for the visual and performing arts, as well as special guests from the Caribbean and the francophone world, including:

– Stephane Castry (Guadeloupe)
– Dynamite (St Vincent & the Grenadines)
– Nicholas Hoyte x Jacob Layson (Barbados)
– Bangaseed (Trinidad & Tobago)
– Abuza (St Vincent & the Grenadines)
– Benjamin Piat (France)
– Lady S (Dominica)
– Mical Teja (Trinidad & Tobago)
– Noel Green (Jamaica)
– Andre Woodvine (Barbados)
– Lí-Lí (Dominica)

Stay tuned!!

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