Learning never stops – Online classes in the network of Alliances Françaises in the English-speaking Caribbean!

Online French classes are now ongoing in eight of the ten Alliances Françaises of the network and we believe it is now time to hear from those who are directly concerned by this transition, the French students and teachers!

Ms. Verne T. Cox, French student at the Alliance Française of St Lucia.

“I genuinely enjoy attending the online classes as it is easier and more convenient for me. I decided to start classes despite the transition to virtual classes because I have more free time as a result of the covid-19 situation and was always interested in learning french and saw it as a good fit. I enjoy some aspects of online learning because its more convenient and I feel more comfortable learning in my own space sometimes.

I am greatly satisfied with the online classes offered by Alliance. I think the virtual classes should be maintained! It‘s very flexible and a great opportunity for individuals to advance their French knowledge at their convenience and comfort!”

Ms. Valencia Kelly, French teacher at the Alliance Française of St Kitts & Nevis.

Mr. Shaquile A. Reid, French student at the Alliance Française of Jamaica.

“For me, it has been an entirely new experience but a good one nonetheless. It took some time to adjust to the setup but the instructor was very accommodating. I decided to start the virtual classes because at the time they were convenient. Given the situation with COVID-19, I had more time on my hand and the virtual classes seemed like the perfect opportunity. 

For a first time experience, the virtual classes have been good and I would have no issue continuing this way. I think a major difference with a virtual class is the absence of interaction with other students on an individual basis. The environment also allows instructors to have more control. Provided that you have an internet connection, you can join the class from anywhere. There is also less distraction in the virtual classroom environment.”

The IFLE Program has been supporting this initiative from its inception and will continue to provide assistance to the network of Alliances Françaises in the English-speaking Caribbean as needed.

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