Technical Training for the laureates of the IFLE VAPA Program starts today!

Following the launch of the “French for the arts” training last week, technical training will be offered to the laureates of the IFLE VAPA Program, starting today.

Training sessions were designed by experienced facilitators for each of the artistic fields represented in the program, including poetry, music, film-making, dance, visual arts, fashion, photography and animation.

In addition, training will cover general skills that are deemed valuable in the cultural and creative industry, such as marketing and online branding.

Facilitators are both from the Caribbean region and the francophone world to provide the selected artists with a multicultural experience, which is one of the main objectives of the IFLE Project.

The laureates can register to any training session, regardless of the artistic field in which they applied, allowing them to explore new horizons and develop new skills.

While in training, the artists will continue to have the opportunity to perform through the program. Join us on May 27th to discover more laureates at the next IFLE multi-arts show!

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