New artists featured on Pyramide.Tv: Susan and Asher Mains!

Meet a family of visual artists, Susan and Asher Mains, from Grenada.

Susan Mains is a self-taught artist. She grew up in Grenada and her family is 4 generations grafted in – since 1950. For more than 30 years Susan Mains has been pursuing the mystery of the Caribbean in her painting, writing and now mixed media works.

Asher Mains has been showing steadily since 1995. Classically trained as a painter, he also utilises installations to demonstrate the empathic and mnemonic quality of the objects and materials that surround us.

They both have a heart for the local with the experience of the international art scene.

Watch Susan and Asher’s interview and learn more about their background, inspirations and aspirations.

Learn more about this family on Pyramide.Tv:


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