Conversation classes added to the IFLE online training for French teachers of the English-speaking Caribbean!

Conversation classes have been added to the online training offered by the IFLE Program to the French teachers of the region.

While the “French language” component of the training focuses on reading, listening and writing skills and the “Pedagogy” on teaching skills, these conversation classes enable the participants to practice/improve their speaking skills.

The classes follow the theme of the week chosen for the other components of the training, so that teachers can directly apply the skills they are learning or strengthening.

These moments of exchanges also give the participants the opportunity to meet colleagues from other countries and share their ideas and best practices.

Over the past three weeks, a total of 15 hours of conversation have been facilitated by three members of the IFLE team, gathering approximately 20 participants per week. Theses conversation classes are expected to continue until the end of the IFLE online training, at the end of the month.

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