New artist featured on Pyramide.TV : Shanique Stewart !

Meet Shanique Stewart, Visual Artist from Saint Vincent & the Grenadines!

Shanique Stewart describes her art as a multifaceted collage.
There is a lot usually going on, perhaps because it’s sort of her in a nutshell…limitless and one with everything.
You will see a mixture of different visual arts combined with other arts fields. Her artwork is an “uncontrolled eccentric being”.

Watch Shanique’s interview and learn more about her background, inspirations and aspirations.

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1 thought on “New artist featured on Pyramide.TV : Shanique Stewart !”

  1. A well put together doc of imagery and words as I mentioned in a previous comment. However, the one camera focus did not do enough justice. 2 or 3 cameras would have been much more effective. Capturing the gestures when interviewing Artists visually is very important.

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