Francophonie celebrates its 50th anniversary today!

Appeared in the 19th century, the idea of “Francophonie” was institutionalized in March 1970 by the signature of the Convention of Niamey (Niger) that gave birth to the Agency of Cultural and Technical Cooperation, the precursor of the International Organisation of La Francophonie.

Deeply rooted across the five continents, the Francophonie is a powerful network of solidarities that, beyond French language, promotes values which are implemented on the ground through a broad spectrum of cooperation.

The French language is the 5th most spoken language worldwide and the 4th most-used on the Internet. Moreover, there are 132 million French learners today. In 2050, the number of French speakers is expected to reach between 500 and 800 million people in the world.

Happy Francophonie Day!


Source: French Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs

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