IFLE at the DELF-DALF, TCF & Ev@lang Meetings

From March 2nd to 4th, more than 90 DELF-DALF officials from 66 countries will be gathering in Sèvres (France) for the 4th edition of the DELF-DALF, TCF and Ev@lang Meetings.

Ms Evelyne Gasse (IFLE Project Leader) and Ms Christel Outreman (Regional Counsellor for Cooperation for the Caribbean Region) will present the IFLE project and the results obtained so far tomorrow, as part of a panel aiming to highlight ways to improve the vitality of the DELF facility.

Read more here: https://www.ciep.fr/…/rencontres-delf-dalf-2020-rendez-deve…

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