The IFLE VAPA Program selection has been completed!

Over the course of a month and a half, the IFLE artistic mentors, national focal points and management team reviewed the portfolios of the 108 applicants to the IFLE VAPA Program.
Two juries were formed.

The first jury was composed of the mentors and national focal points, while the second gathered members of the IFLE team and the directors of the Alliances Françaises for the English-speaking Caribbean. Both juries used the selection form agreed on at the launch of the IFLE VAPA Program (Barbados, November 2019) to evaluate the portfolios submitted by the applicants.

On January 30th, 2020, the IFLE management team aggregated the findings of the two juries and finalized the selection. Fifty (50) applicants were selected to partake in the IFLE VAPA Program. See details on the selected candidates below.

Details by country
Details by artistic field
Gender ratio
Candidates endorsement by jury

Stay tuned to learn more about the selected artists!

1 thought on “The IFLE VAPA Program selection has been completed!”

  1. Now the oppportunities will become reality for these candidates !!
    Thank you again to everybody involved in this selection.

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