Launch of the IF Profs to the English-speaking Caribbean platform

Since its very beginning, the IFLE Program has been supporting the French teachers of the region in many ways: DELF certification for selected teachers, organization of the first International Day of French Teachers, online training, and strengthening of the Associations of French Teachers. 

The next step is the launch of the “IF Profs to the English-speaking Caribbean” platform. Created by the Institut Français, IF Profs is a free social network gathering over 31,000 French teachers and education professionals from all over the world, allowing them to exchange and share pedagogical resources. Eighty-five (85) countries are represented and the IFLE Program has collaborated with the Institut Français to open a new virtual space dedicated to the English speaking Caribbean.

The main objectives are to strengthen the relationships between French teachers in each country but also between countries, promote innovation and creativity, as well as facilitate their access to pedagogical resources. A small group of teachers from Antigua, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent and Trinidad has been selected to become administrators and participate in the development and animation of the virtual space. 

Starting February 17th, they will attend a 5-week online training offered by the Institut Français in order to discover the platform, help the teachers who will join, create a dynamic space and promote their community.     

The launch of the “English-speaking Caribbean” IF Prof platform is carded for the International Francophonie Day (March 20th) so if you are a French teacher of the English-speaking Caribbean, save the date and join us!   

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