IFLE Online Training for French teachers in the English-speaking Caribbean

The IFLE program will be launching two online training for French teachers in the 10 participating countries, using the Agora Infinity platform. Designed by members of the IFLE education team, these training sessions will last 10 weeks and run from the end of January to April 2020. 

Recording of the interactive training sessions. IFLE 2019.

The first training will focus on the French language, covering the trickiest linguistic points such as the use of the subjunctive mode or the expression of the hypothesis with « si ». First-hand documents were created to help the teachers practice their listening and reading skills and the training will also include writing and speaking exercises. 

The second training will focus on Teaching French as a Foreign Language. We will explain how the CEFRL works, the action-based approach it promotes, how to create a pedagogical sequence or how to use new technologies in class. 

Late 2019, French teachers were informed of this opportunity by their respective Curriculum Officers and over a hundred of them have submitted placement tests to join the training sessions. Their participation will be monitored by IFLE and those who complete the training will receive a certificate delivered by the Alliance Francaise of Saint Lucia. 

The IFLE team hopes these training will motivate the participants and give them new pedagogical tools that they can use with their students. On the long term, we also hope this will help renew the students’ interest in the French language. 

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