The IFLE team meets with the Ministry of Education, Youth and Information of Jamaica

Over the past two months, the IFLE team has been visiting several of the participating countries in order to meet with persons who already are or could be involved in the programme. In Jamaica, the IFLE Education team met with the MoEYI and the French teachers.

This was the first time that the IFLE team had been to Jamaica to meet with representatives of the MoEYI, although the IFLE project managers for Education had had frequent contacts with the Education Officer, Ms Roxanne Lovelace. Three meetings were organised. The first one was with various representatives of the Ministry. The goals were to present the IFLE Programme, give an update on what had been done so far, and discuss the next steps for 2020. Several officials attended the meeting: Dr Grace McLean, Permanent Secretary, Mrs Nadine Smith representing the Deputy Chief Education Officer, Dr Clover Hamilton Flowers Assistant Chief Education OfficerCore Curriculum Unit, Ms Martha Corbett-Baugh, Senior Education Officer – Foreign Languages, Ms Nadean Mighty, International Affairs Officer, and Ms Roxanne Lovelace, Education Officer.

All the participants were very enthusiastic about the opportunities offered to both students and teachers. Major decisions were made including:

  • Increase the number of pilot schools
  • Reach out to all French teachers again to make sure they know about the trainings offered by the IFLE Programme and encourage them to participate
  • Open the trainings to students of the three Teachers’ Colleges present in the country

Other points were discussed, such as the organisation of the DELF Certification training early 2020 and the launch of the online trainings in January.

Following the meeting, a Memorandum of Understanding has been drafted and will soon be signed by both parties.

The second meeting was with the teachers from the pilot schools that had already been selected to offer the DELF exam in July 2020. There were approximately ten teachers attending. They asked questions regarding the implementation of the program in their schools and expressed several concerns to which the IFLE team responded by explaining that a curriculum mapping had already been done and that teachers will receive all the support they need, including textbooks, to help prepare the students.

They were then joined by all the teachers who had applied to participate in the online training. The project managers explained how the trainings will be conducted.

These three meetings were crucial for the implementation of the programme in Jamaica, since the Ministry of Education, the French teachers and with the IFLE team will have to work together to ensure that the July session of the DELF exam is a success.

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