First ever International French teachers’ Day (Jour du Prof de Français) in the English-speaking Caribbean!

This event was created by the International Federation of French Teachers (FIPF in French), the International Organization of Francophony (OIF), the Fondation Alliance Française and the French Institute, to name just a few. The first edition was held worldwide under the theme « innovation and creativity », and aimed at celebrating the French teachers for their work in promoting the French language and francophone cultures.

In the English- speaking Caribbean, the event was organized by a regional committee composed of the French Embassy in Trinidad and Tobago, the Alliance Française of Trinidad and Tobago, the Alliance Française of St Lucia and the French Embassy in St Lucia (through the IFLE project). It gathered over 100 guests, including teachers and representatives of French teachers’ associations from across the region.

There were several objectives:

• Encourage teachers of the English-speaking Caribbean to be more innovative: we invited one innovative teacher of each of the 11 IFLE participating countries, two of which made a presentation about how they use innovative and creative techniques in their practices. Mathilde Dallier (Trinidad and Tobago) explained how she uses Whatsapp with her students, Diane Faure (Saint Lucia) presented on a group of teachers who is currently being trained to use virtual reality for pedagogical purposes, and Leonie Wallace (Jamaica) spoke about an immersion program that is organized between Jamaica and Clermont-Ferrand.

• Revive the French teachers’ associations in the region: the Presidents of the French teachers associations were invited, along with persons who could create new associations in the countries where none existed. They attended a workshop entitled « How to create and animate a French Teachers Association », facilitated by Mr Stephane Grivelet, former Secretary General of the International Federation of French Teachers. The aim was two-fold: firstly, give them the tools they need to create successful associations, and secondly, develop links between the associations in the region.

• Enable teachers to exchange: this event being the first ever French teachers symposium organized in the region, several activities were designed to help teachers from the different countries meet each other and interact, such as a networking session and a spelling bee in teams.

• Presenting the opportunities offered to teachers by the IFLE project: the various types of training and pedagogical support were presented to the participants.

The team of the IFLE project will continue working closely with all the participants for the upcoming year and already look forward to the International French Teachers’ Day 2020!!

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