French teachers become Delf Examiners through the IFLE Program

Following the example of Antigua, three other Caribbean countries have started to implement the IFLE Program and allowed their French teachers to attend a training to become DELF Examiners. 

One of the main goals of the IFLE project is to enable secondary school students to take the DELF A1 in July 2020. Their success will likely depend on their French teachers’ ability to prepare them appropriately for the exam and this is the reason why teachers’ training is crucial. 

One aspect of this training is the certification of a group of selected French teachers as DELF examiners to enable them to grade this exam, in accordance with the recommendations of France Education International. This institution operates the exam and certifies teachers worldwide, through accredited facilitators. For the IFLE Program, Ms Sabrina Lipoff, project manager for Education, conducts this series of workshops. 

In October, 11 teachers were certified for the first two levels (A1 and A2) in Grenada. The same training was conducted in November in Barbados, and enabled 13 teachers to be certified. The next session will be held in December in Trinidad, but will cover the 4 first levels (from A1 to B2) and gather approximately 20 teachers, from over 10 schools throughout the country. 

The participants will then be able to start preparing their students for the exam, add DELF-oriented activities to their curriculum, and start using an action-based approach in their teaching practices. 

Other countries are expected to organize the same training early next year, such as Jamaica, Guyana and St Kitts & Nevis. 

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