French teachers of Antigua and Barbuda certified to correct the Diploma of Studies in French Language (DELF)

Last July, Antigua French teachers were trained in the DELF exam correction, thanks to the IFLE project.

The IFLE project aims – among other things – to promote the access of high school students from the English-speaking Caribbean to higher education in France and the French overseas territories. For this, they must imperatively obtain their diploma DELF B2 before applying in the University of their choice. The objective is to move the DELF A1, A2 and B1 exams to different stages of schooling to prepare students for the final B2 exam. The training of French teachers is therefore a key element in the success of the project.

For Antigua, everything started in 2017 following a meeting held in Saint Lucia by the French Embassy and the Alliance Française of Saint Lucia to present the beginnings of the IFLE project, then called “Passport for higher education”.

Mr. René Young, Education Officer in Antigua, is convinced of the benefits of the project and a first training of teachers is organized as early as July 2017. Miss Sabrina Lipoff, then pedagogical coordinator of the Alliance Française of Saint Lucia, conducted a session aiming to raise awareness of the CEFR and DELF.

This training is followed in 2018 by a first course of accreditation for proofreading of DELF (in partnership with France Education International, formerly known as CIEP), then by a second course this year to strengthen the knowledge of teachers and train them to the B2 level. The 9 teachers present this year are now certified to correct the A1 to B2 exams, whose first session will take place in July 2020.

Throughout the school year, they will also have access to an online support that will allow them to keep up to date the knowledge acquired during the training sessions, and to keep a notation as close as possible to the recommendations of France Education International.

At the end of the month, teachers from Grenada will also have the opportunity to receive this training.

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